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Euphoria and its season 3 receive new updates

“I am optimistic”, the new official update of season 3 of Euphoria shared by actor Eric Dane

season 3 of Euphoria gets a new update from Eric Dane following the season delay. Created by Sam Levinson, the hit HBO drama first aired in 2019 and follows a group of troubled high school students dealing with love, sex, drugs, and some occasional violence. ANDThe show, starring Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweeney, among others, returned for season 2 in 2022, but season 3 of Euphoria Since then it has had trouble getting off the ground.

During a recent appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna, Dane, who plays Cal Jacobs, shares a new update about season 3 of Euphoriaexpressing optimism that the show will return.

While the actor doesn't appear to have any inside information on the details of the show's return, corroborates a previous report indicating that the program was aiming to begin production sometime in 2025.

“We left the year 2024, so we are looking at 2025. I am optimistic that it will come back. There is a real appetite for that program and it is too good to let go,” he declared.

Eric Dane - EuphoriaEric Dane - Euphoria
Eric Dane Euphoria

Season 3 delay explained Euphoria

As with season 1, reviews of season 2 of Euphoria They were largely very positive. Critics have praised the show's powerful performances and Levinson's strong writing, as well as the impressive filmmaking on display. The end of season 2 of Euphoria It certainly leaves the door open for a continuation of the story, and the show continues to be a huge ratings success, but season 3 has yet to come to fruition.

Production on season 3 of Euphoria was set to begin sometime this year, but in March it was revealed that the program had been delayed. The delay was apparently to allow Levinson more time to write the scripts, but the report included a note that the cast of Euphoria had been freed to pursue other projects until 2024. This suggested the delay would not be insignificant.

A later report revealed more about the possible reasons for the delay of season 3 of Euphoria. Angus Cloud's death last summer reportedly prompted the need for substantial rewrites, as his character, Fezco, was originally a major part of the Season 3 story. Zendaya was also reportedly unhappy with the creative direction of her character, Rue. The delay of season 3 of Euphoria It was further exacerbated by the death of producer Kevin Turen last November. However, it's clear that Dane is confident the show will weather this storm and come back.

Sydney Sweeney EuphoriaSydney Sweeney Euphoria
Sydney Sweeney Euphoria