Tuesday, July 16, 2024

4 science fiction movies set in 2024

There are science fiction movies made years ago that showed us 2024, but… Were they correct in their predictions? Let's find out.

It is very interesting how the creative people who are in charge of making science fiction films usually portray the future, since it is often dark, cold, distant or even apocalyptic. That's why now, we compile some feature films that are set in 2024, to find out what this year was thought to be like, more than 20, 30 or even 60 years ago.

These are stories set in 2024.

Beyond the Time Barrier de 1960.

Beyond the Time Barrier 1960 - science fiction filmsBeyond the Time Barrier 1960 - science fiction films
Beyond the Time Barrier de 1960

United States Air Force Major Bill Allison stars in an experimental spaceflight that takes him through a time barrier into a desolate future in the year 2024. Waking up in the Citadel, an underground society ruled by a leader called Supreme, he meets Trirene and discovers that the Earth has been devastated and the population is sterile, except for Trirene, who is also a telepath.

Allison, initially captured and suspected of being a spy, teams up with Trirene and discovers the truth behind the apocalyptic situation. The Citadel hides the impact of nuclear weapons testing in 1971, which allowed dangerous cosmic rays to penetrate.

As Allison and Trirene fall in love, tensions arise. Markova, a Russian captain from 1973, unleashes mutants to attack the Citadel and reveals her own plans to return to her time. Bourman, another time traveler, also has her own goals. In the resulting chaos, Trirene dies, and a devastated Allison returns to the past and shares her story with the authorities. However, she ages drastically, warning them of future events and leaving them with much to think about.

This is one of those science fiction films that luckily has not gotten it right with the situation of the future that is currently our present.

2024: Nuclear Apocalypse (A Boy and His Dog) from 1975.

2024: Nuclear Apocalypse (A Boy and His Dog) from 19752024: Nuclear Apocalypse (A Boy and His Dog) from 1975
2024 Nuclear apocalypse A boy and his dog from 1975

It is a post-apocalyptic film based on the novel by Harlan Ellison. The story follows Vic, a young survivor in a desolate world after a nuclear war. Vic has a telepathic relationship with his talking dog, Blood. Together, they search for food and fight to survive in a desert landscape.

The plot takes a turn when Vic and Blood discover an underground society that is apparently thriving. Vic is captured by this community and learns that they need his help to procreate. While in the underground city, Vic discovers the truth behind society's intentions and faces difficult decisions, such as choosing between his beloved and his dog… Choose the dog.

The Immortals II: The Challenge (1991)

The Immortals II: The Challenge (1991)The Immortals II: The Challenge (1991)
The Immortals II The Challenge 1991

This is the sequel to the famous The Immortals from 1984, but it did not achieve the success of the original, especially it was criticized for trying to follow the trend of science fiction films of the time.

The Immortals II: The Challenge does not reveal the truth about these beings who are actually Zeist aliens condemned on Earth to kill each other until only one can remain. Connor MacLeod has defeated his rivals and now lives as a scientist. He manages to create a dome to prevent the sun's rays from destroying the planet's surface. In 2024, General Katana considers an aging Connor MacLeod a threat and tries to take him down. But he only manages to rejuvenate it and also ends the company that has become owner of the world for maintaining the dome even though the atmosphere has recovered.

Level 13 of 1999.

Level 13 - science fiction moviesLevel 13 - science fiction movies
Level 13

Hannon Fuller, is the creator of a virtual reality simulation that recreates Los Angeles in the 1930s. Before he can fully reveal the nature of his discovery, he is murdered in the real world. The main suspect is his colleague, Douglas Hall, who works at the same company.

Douglas discovers a message recorded by Fuller before his death, which suggests that the reality they live in could be a simulation. Exploring the simulation of Los Angeles in 1937, Douglas encounters strange discrepancies and confusing situations. He discovers that he has the ability to transfer consciousness from himself to the body of a person in that simulation.

The film ends up being a virtual reality simulator set in 2024. In addition, it has certain parallels with The Matrix, which was released a few months earlier, but obviously did not have the same notoriety.

Do you know these science fiction movies released in 2024? Leave me your opinion in the comments section.