A 16-year-old minor ends up in the ICU due to the viral 'mataleón' challenge: “He is now aware of what has happened”

The viral challenge of the 'mataleón' has ended with Javier, a 16-year-old boy admitted to the ICU. This challenge consists of grabbing another person from behind and strangling them until they lose consciousness.

The events occurred in a school classroom during break time and, what they thought was a game, got out of hand. This practice It is common in wrestling matches where, normally, the aggressor accompanies the victim's body to the ground.

On this occasion, however, they dropped the minor who suffered a severe blow to the head. When he arrived at the hospital, he had a hematoma on his skull and, although he is already on the ward, he continues under extreme supervision.

Javier and his friends had already practiced this challenge several times and the student who performed the maneuver confessed to the center what had happened and has been expelled for 9 days. The school is also carrying out an investigation to prevent it from happening again.

In And Now Sonsoles we have spoken with Isabel, his mother, who has assured that her son He is stable but remains under surveillance. She didn't know that her son practiced these types of challenges, and she found out once everything had happened. “It was not forced, it was a common practice among them,” she said.

Not only has it been done to him, but he had also done it, but they had never reached the point of fainting before. And these young people, he said, watch wrestling competitions and also social networks and see these types of techniques, but they do not know how to practice them nor are they professionals. “They don't realize the dangers involved”he assured.

The challenge was carried out within the institute, which has opened a file to find out exactly how it all happened. In addition, they sent him a statement assuring that they will give talks during tutoring hours about the dangers of challenges on social networks.

His mother has said that she was surprised on the one hand that her son carried out this type of practice, but on the other hand she was aware that he and his friends consumed this type of content. Now, she has said she, the minor is aware of what could have happened.

This is not the first time that a viral challenge ends in tragedy. A few weeks ago we learned that a minor lost his vision of an eye due to the viral challenge of repeated insults.

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