Thursday, May 30, 2024

Netflix K-Drama that sweeps Mexico and Spain

There is a Netflix K-Drama that is capturing viewers in many countries, so now we reveal all the details of the series.

It is noted that the great agreement reached by the streaming platform in South Korea It is having an effect, because we can see more and more productions from the Asian country and they are sweeping the rest of the regions. But there is a Netflix K-Drama that is on another level, because it has very quickly placed itself at the TOP of the most watched lists. I mean The Queen of Tears (Nun-mul-eui Yeo-wang).

This love story stars Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-won, Na Young-hee, Jung Jin-young, Sebastian Roché, Lee Joo-bin, Kwak Dong-yeon y Kim Jung-nan. So if you are looking for a great Netflix K-Drama, you can't miss this series.

Netflix K-Drama The Queen of Tears (Nun-mul-eui Yeo-wang)Netflix K-Drama The Queen of Tears (Nun-mul-eui Yeo-wang)
The Queen of Tears Nun mul eui Yeo wang

What is The Queen of Tears about?

Get ready for a journey full of emotions with The Queen of Tears, a Netflix K-Drama that has conquered thousands of viewers with its exciting plot and endearing characters.

Hong Hae-in, played by the talented Kim Ji Won, is the heiress of the Queens Group and queen of the department stores. Her life of luxury and glamor is caught up in a whirlwind of emotions when she falls in love with Baek Hyun-woo, a young man from an important family in the small town of Yongdoo-ri, played by the charismatic Kim. Soo Hyun.

Despite their social differences, their love blossoms and they marry. However, three years later, their relationship is in a deep crisis. Hae-in, accustomed to a life of luxury and privilege, clashes with Hyun-woo's simplicity and traditional values. Tension increases and the couple is on the brink of divorce.

In the midst of this crisis, Hae-in is forced to return to her roots and face the responsibilities that come with being the heir to the Queens Group. Hyun-woo, for her part, struggles to find her place in Hae-in's world and to keep the love that brought them together alive.

The Queen of Tears (Nun-mul-eui Yeo-wang)The Queen of Tears (Nun-mul-eui Yeo-wang)
The Queen of Tears Nun mul eui Yeo wang

Can they overcome their differences and save their marriage? The Queen of Tears invites you to discover it through a plot full of emotions, unexpected twists and moving moments.

If you like intense love stories and family dramas, this Netflix K-Drama is for you. So don't miss the opportunity to watch runa from the best current series in South Korea.