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Jason Bourne: Mystery, Action and Tension on the Big Screen

Bourne Indentity or The Bourne Affair in Spain, is one of the 100 best action films in history. But it is not for less. During the almost 2 hours that the film lasts, the tension grows with every second.

Bourne Indentity tells the story of Jason Bourne, a young man who wakes up on an Italian fishing boat with zero memory of his life, who he is, or what has happened to him. He only knows that he has been shot and that he has to find answers for everything, because it seems that those shots have tried to kill him. But it seems that Bourne's character is difficult to kill, since there are several sequels in which the character continues to flee from those who want to harm him.

One of the best elements that this film has is that we learn things about the protagonist's life at the same time as him. It's like we are him. At first in the fishing boat, and then later while he is fleeing, and without knowing why he does it or what he has caused to turn his life upside down. That helps create tension. Is Jason Bourne the victim? Who can he trust? What has he done that they want him dead? Why doesn't he have memory?

Bourne Identity, 2002Bourne Identity, 2002
Bourne Identity 2002

Bourne is based on a book

It is not news that this film is based on the novel of the same name by author Robert Ludlum, and that it has been considered one of the best spy novels of the 20th century. Although it is true that both works, film and book, differ in some moments, although experts in both say that This first film is the one that is most faithful to the book, since from the second part onwards, both seem to take totally different paths.

In the books, which are 3 in total (from the original series), although Bourne remains a man in danger, he has married Marie, the romantic interest who is the same in both the movie and the book, and is a professor. of Asian Studies at the University of Maine. In the movie, this does not happen, since in the second film of this saga, both Jason and Marie are living in India.

By taking such different paths, it is possible to enjoy both series without having to have read or seen the previous ones. Unfortunately, Robert Ludlum died, but Bourne's novels have continued to be published by other authors, who have given their own voice to the adventures of this character who is already a classic of spy novels, despite having been born ago. less than 50 years old.

Bourne Identity, 2002Bourne Identity, 2002
Bourne Identity 2002

Matt Damon didn't have it all together

They had to delay its release a year, Matt had just participated in two films that had not been successful, and did not have a clear ending. But the film turned out to be a hit, even though it wasn't planned, and changed Matt Damon's life and career forever.. He confessed this in an interview in 2016 for the YouTube channel Build, where he also said that this was one of the few films that fans never tired of watching, and asking for more.

Here we leave you the video with the interview, complete.

If you haven't seen this classic spy movie, you can find it on Sky Showtime Spain, along with other movies from the same saga. We read each other!