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Quiet On Set: Nickelodeon directors apologize

Former Nickelodeon CEOs Beth and Rith Correll Apologize to Drake Bell for His Support of Convicted Child Molester Brian Peck

After the launch of Quiet on Settwo Nickelodeon directors apologize for their former support of an abuser. Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV is a true crime docuseries that documents the mistreatment of child actors and other creatives in some of the most notable children's shows of the 2000s. One of his main subjects is Brian Peck, a former Nickelodeon dialogue coach who was arrested in 2003 for child sexual abuse.

In a statement to Variety, Former Nickelodeon bosses Beth and Rich Correll apologize for defending Peck. In his statement, They stated that they “extend their most sincere apologies to Drake Bell and his family.” They said they would have written letters in support of Peck if “they would have known the truth at that moment.” The Corrells continued to insist that “children must be protected” and praised Bell for his “courage”.

Drake Bell Quiet On Set

The statement from the former directors of Nickelodeon

“We extend our sincere apologies to Drake Bell and his family, and deeply regret our decision many years ago to seek clemency for someone who we later learned had committed a horrible crime and caused so much pain and trauma to Drake and others. If we had known the truth at the time the letters were written, we would never have written them. There are no words to express how bad we feel about being on the wrong side of a horrible situation and the trauma it caused you, Drake. “We are devastated for having unknowingly supported the unbearable.”

“Our top priority having worked on many sets over the years was the safety of the children. We would never knowingly endanger any child. We are sad and dismayed to hear all the in-depth details following the release of Quiet on the Set. Children must be protected and must always be in a safe environment…both at work and at home. Drake, you are in our hearts, we are proud of your bravery and we hope that you can now heal. “Once again, we are very sorry.”

Drake Bell began performing on Nickelodeon when he was 13, starting in The Amanda Show. He soon became best known for his role in Drake y Joshwhich he starred in from 2004 to 2007. When the advertising materials for Quiet on Setit emerged that Bell now claims that Peck sexually abused him when he was 15.
Bell's statement adds to the already numerous statements against Peck during his time working for children's television. After numerous accusations, Peck was first arrested in 2003. At the time, this arrest stemmed from more than a dozen counts of sexual abuse involving an unidentified minor, and Peck was sentenced to 16 months in prison. The Nickelodeon creative was also ordered to register as a sex offender. In addition to the news about Bell, the documentary Quiet on Set revealed even more details about Peck that make things even more disturbing. After being convicted and registering as a sex offender, Peck was hired by Disney Channel to work on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Bell's story and the rest of the information surrounding Peck makes the Corrells' former endorsement even more horrible, but thankfully it's an endorsement they now regret.

Drake Bell Quiet On Set